360 Athlete:01 The North Face 50k in the Blue Mountains.

360 Athlete with Nils Hestermann and Anthony Thompson:

Nils Hestermann and Anthony Thompson join the Athlete On Fire Network from across the world but with just as much passion for sport, training, and athletics as every contributor in the Network.  They start with an introduction and what their expertise is and then dive into what it took to prepare for the North Face 50k.  From mileage to strength, specifics to general principles, they are resource heavy in this first show of many to come. Plus, you get to hear from two awesome accents for 40 minutes!  Enjoy the 360 Athlete. Enjoy this new podcast with the Athlete On Fire Network!

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  • Introduction to Nils and Anthony and their platform
  • An interview regarding the Northface 50k and training for it
  • Specifics on improving glute strength
  • Total miles and strength training approach for long distances.
  • KB and stability training ideas and concepts
  • The advantage of training on course for an event
  • Tapering and nutrition for the event
  • How it all went and post thoughts

Salsa Lunge



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You have to check out 360 Athletes Web Site and links from the show!

360 Athlete

Salsa Lunge Video

North Face 50k



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