15 Minute Fitness Test: 15% Treadmill

15 Minute Fitness Test: 15% Treadmill

Test and Retest

One thing that many athletes don’t do is test and retest.


Without testing yourself in some specific areas of your health, fitness, and performance, you really have no idea where you are as an athlete.   These tests don’t have to be high tech. They can be simple, like the 15 minute test this post is about.  Almost as important is the retest.  A valid and reliable retest can show where you need to work more, less, harder, or more specifically.


As someone who has done hundreds, if not thousands hydrostatic weighings on athletes, I can say that the gold standard for measurements in different areas of fitness can be tedious but the ability to use simple concepts because of the correlations made between gold standard testing and basic means of measurement make the tedious nature worth it.


In summation.  We can test simply with accuracy because the science has told us it works.

What is this test?

This 15 minute test only needs your full effort and a treadmill that will go to 15% (which are most on the market). If for some reason yours won’t go that high just take it as high as it will go and make a note.  You warm up for 5 minutes and then for 15 minutes see how far you can go at 15% grade.  You can change the speed as much as you need to go as far as your fitness allows.


15 Minutes To See Where You Are

Best things about this test

  • It is quick. Only 20 minutes total commitment
  • It’s easy to replicate for retesting
  • Effort based, not performance based
  • You only deal with one number as a result (we have some other great tests that are more comprehensive in scope)
  • No weather to deal with
  • It’s a great challenge to try and improve month over month

Go and download the tracker and get testing!