119 Lynn Hall: One athlete’s story of sexual assault, chronic pain, and how running brought her back.

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ynn Hall had one goal: to become a United States Air Force (USAF) Pilot. Throughout high school, she studied and trained to earn acceptance into the Air Force Academy. Just after her 18th birthday, she earned her commercial pilot’s license. She was accepted into the AF Academy and was on her way to fulfilling her childhood dream. Everything was going as planned.
Until on day.
Find out if Lynn achieved her lifelong dream, hear about a few of her many adventures and athletic achievements, how she copes with chronic physical pain and what advice she has for others who also must live with chronic pain.

Spoiler alert!
Lynn’s blog:
Read more of her backstory that we deliberately left out of this podcast (for reasons explained toward the end of the podcast) at Excerpt from the previous link:

Lynn’s in-process memoir, Caged Eyes: A Memoir of Rape, Shame, and Silence at the U.S. Air Force Academy, was shortlisted in the 2014 U.K. Mslexia Memoir Competition. Her work related to military sexual violence has appeared or is forthcoming in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society and The Sexual Assault Report.
She lives in Lafayette, Colorado, and would love it if you connected with her via her blog or Twitter.”



One More Point:

I met Lynn over a year ago. Her story is a different one than most of the positive and inspiring stuff we share at Athlete On Fire but we think it could help someone out there. If you know anyone that has dealt with rape or any sexual assault and chronic pain. Share this. It took over a year because I needed a little extra help on telling the story.  You can thank Paige Miller for the production, editing, and completion of the story.  Hope you enjoy.


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