110 Joe Scott: Chasing the hoop dream, one players journey.

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Chasing the dream from a small college to an NBA tryout and grinding it out in Europe. our guest started in Minnesota with a love for the game of basketball. He has taken the long route to a dream of playing professionally and it has landed him in Germany. An unlikely friendship with a popular NBA point guard led to an unforgettable summer. His work ethic and attitude have him playing at a high level in a country he had never been to. He shares why getting stronger mentally has made him a better player and why, for heaven’s sake, he is wearing a lumberjack shirt! He is truly an Athlete On Fire.[/bgsection]


Prefer To Watch?

Cool, because we recorded on Google Hangouts Live. Joe, straight from Recklinghausen! The video for these interviews will always have a bit of pre and post interview. I loved this quote before we went live for the podcast, “Was I supposed to look over a blueprint or something.” Joe

One More Point:

This is a new section of our show notes. We want every page to bring you one of three things; knowledge, inspiration, or entertainment. The goal of the “One More Point” is to bring you a different perspective than even the one you initially listened to or watched the show with.

Joe is a totally normal guy but like just about everyone in the world, when you hear him tell it, it feels bigger.  It feels more real.  And it is.  The passion he speaks with when he talks about meeting and befriending a popular NBA player is pretty cool.  And that’s the big takeaway.  We all need to tell our stories.  Most of us forget so many amazing or unique things that happen to us and if we don’t share them, they may never be remembered. So go write about something cool that happened to you, or with you.  If you are as excited about it today as the day it happened, like Joe was, it has to be worth remembering.

Now, get out there and do something amazing, or simple that brings you joy.

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