109 Kien Lam: A bucket list unmatched.

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Did you think your bucket list was ambitious? How about 500+ inspired items to check off. From space travel to the Holi festival and the Dead Sea to Carnaval our guest has thought up the best, biggest, and most thoughtful ways to spend a lifetime. A photographer by trade and endurance athlete in his free time, we take time to travel around the world with him. Why did he quit his job in finance to travel the world? How did he decide to start his photography business after all? What is one of the most sadistic things you can do to train for the Death Race? We cover all of that and more in today’s Athlete On Fire show![/bgsection]

Prefer To Watch?

Cool, because we recorded on Google Hangouts Live. Kien has a pretty sweet set up!

Deep Scotts(thoughts on this interview/show):

This is a new section of our show notes. We want every page to bring you one of three things; knowledge, inspiration, or entertainment.

The goal of the “Deep Scotts” is to bring you a different perspective than even the one you initially listened to or watched the show with. Scott, of course, is the founder of Athlete On Fire. We hope to bring video to this segment soon!

Kien, was a great interview and holy crap we would have never run out of content to talk about. I mean, he had over 150 items posted on his website for his bucket list and over 500 total. It was interesting that he had the big items, like skydiving, right along the small ones, eat dinner with a big Italian family. And that’s the takeaway.

Bucket lists aren’t just about having the time and money to go to far off places and do what hardly anyone has done. They are about doing what everyone SHOULD do but often forgets about in the hustle and bustle of life. I know I am refining my bucket list as soon as I can. We even made a little cheat sheet for you to get started. It’s FREE, and you can download it by clicking here, Bucket List Cheat Sheet.

Now, get out there and do something amazing, or simple that brings you joy.

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