026 David Orman: Perspective on drinking water, courage, and how inspiration sometimes comes from complete exhaustion.

Our guest today shares his story of being down to $500 before the internet boomed and how he thrived afterwards. He runs a Systema academy in Central Florida and shares amazing insights as to why martial arts are such a big part of his life. A thinking man’s athlete, a passionate athlete, and definitely, an Athlete On Fire!



In this show hear:

  • How his dad’s military background influenced him
  • Learn about all of his black belts
  • About his first meeting with Systema leader, pretty wild
  • What Systema is.
  • Why a man from Benin was so inspiring
  • Why he runs and when inspiration come to him
  • About a Japanese sword maker story
  • Why Tai Chi is a part of every day for him
  • How long it takes to create a habit
  • Some amazing changes he has seen in people from Systema

“When you ask somebody who has been there, listen.”

Success Habit:

  • Do something physical on a daily basis, amongst many other things.


Quote on Fire:

  • “We cannot be a team of ordinary men because ordinary men go nowhere, we must be extraordinary.” Herb Brooks

Quiz on Fire:

      He has multiple black belts so naturally we interview him about seat belts!

Book on Fire:

George Sheehan– He suggests anything from him.
Light And Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page


Connect with David:

Twitter: @docwellness
Website: Doc Wellness Formula
Systema Website

“When you follow your passion either good, very good, or great things happen.”

Fitness On Fire: David Orman

David’s challenge is a unique breathing drill. You have got to try this one!

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Athletes on Fire Interview | CENTRAL FLORIDA SYSTEMAreply
March 18, 2014 at 9:24 am

[…] http://athleteonfire.com/026-david-orman-perspective-on-drinking-water-courage-and-how-inspiration-s… […]

Marina Warneckereply
March 25, 2014 at 7:49 pm

I remember myself back to Russia – Siberia/ Krasnoyarsk, where sometimes I had to ride a bus to a park and take a long run in the woods or hike to the Rock Pillars – the famous Krasnoyarsk part of nature – for 1.5 hrs up steep, and can exactly recall the very similar physical state, state of mind and spirit that David Orman describes in the part of his interview: “I get so tired from running long 20 miles, so I get very quiet in my head and that is when an inspiration come and speaks to me!” – is VERY TRUE and really makes you feel that you are “alive!”

March 25, 2014 at 9:35 pm
– In reply to: Marina Warnecke

Great description Marina, thanks for listening!

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