021 Mike Gennaro: In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the… boat?

He comes from West Philly with a passion for his sport without forgetting what is really important. Our guest shares his story of coming up short in the London Olympics and how it keeps him fired up and inspired to keep working his butt off. He shares his family’s story of addiction and overcoming. He is a young guy with great insights and if you are a thinking athlete, you’ll appreciate this show!



In this show hear:

  • What does Mike and Will Smith have in common?
  • One in seven!
  • About his hilarious mom, had the host cracking up
  • He describes “Boat House Row” in Philly
  • There is a ghost at 20:30, did you hear it?
  • His London Olympics experience
  • Why rowing builds character
  • About Steve’s in Philly
  • His coaches advice on leadership
  • About addiction and overcoming it

“I don’t want to win because everyone else isn’t that good.”

Success Habit:

  • He is the high energy guy. It’s a role and he fully embraces it.


Quote on Fire:

  • “It never really gets better, it’s just continuously hurts.”

Quiz on Fire:

      Mike tells us all about his hometown Philadelphia.

Book on Fire:

Beyond Belief– Josh Hamilton’s autobiography.
The Boys In The Boat



Connect with Mike:

Twitter: @mike_gennaro
mcngennaro@gmail.com – Reach out if you want to know more about his sport, his sister, anything.

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice as a leader.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

Video of the Athens Olympics 8 man gold medal: INSPIRING VIDEO
Old City– His favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia

His sister struggled with addiction and this article is all about that part of Mike’s life. I hope someone will benefit from Mike sharing his story: LINK

Fitness on Fire:Mike Gennaro

Mike is a world class rower, did he say hills. Love it!