015:Matt Frazier:The no meat athlete on fire

Our guest started eating vegetarian and ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That is just where his journey starts. The founder of NoMeatAthlete.com has great insights on everything from the power of deliberate practice to a simple answer on why you should try eating a vegetarian diet. There are little nuggets throughout this whole show that will at the very least entertain you for 45 minutes and at best, inspire you to make a change or two. Enjoy!


  • What it means to be a No Meat Athlete
  • Bo Jackson or Lawrence Taylor?
  • The importance of deliberate practice
  • How going vegetarian and qualifying for the Boston Marathon started his movement
  • How he picked the carrot as his logo
  • He brews beer too, find out his best
  • His first marathon experience
  • How to find your passion
  • On betting on yourself, how Matt did
  • A case for running
  • A case for vegetarian, no preaching
  • His Steve Jobs kick and how he is inspired by him
  • “I actually hated running as a kid.”

    Quiz on Fire:

    • We quiz Matt on famous vegetarians. Fun stuff.

    Success Habit:

    • Visualization and meditation- Matt teaches you how to visualize with emotional intensity. He has a great takeaway for you listeners.


    Quote on Fire:

    • “When you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

    Book on Fire:

    Connect with Matt:

    No Meat Athlete Website
    Twitter: @nomeatathlete

    “I’m willing to dream alot bigger and see possibility where others may not”

    Athlete on Fire resources inspired by Matt Frazier’s interview:

    Derek Redmond– Moment in the 92 Olympics we talk about.
    Jobs– Movie we mention during the show.
    Here is one of the recipe’s Scott tried from NoMeatAthlete

    Fitness on Fire:Matt Frazier

    Matt gives a great skill to work and we add in the details on how to test yourself for this basic running skill that can make you so much more efficient.