007 Jason Robillard: Ultra runner and writer on life, making big changes, and what not to wipe with.

In this episode our guest takes us from his “suburban hell” to his life as an author and ultra runner amongst many other things…


In this show learn about:

  • How many miles he rode to hang with his buddies as a kid
  • How suburban hell helped him decide to make a big change
  • How powerful the stories of other runners have affected him
  • The importance of self monitoring
  • The unprecedented “douche” quiz
  • Superstition as self fulfilling prophecy
  • Jason’s take on bragging athletes
  • The importance of leaving something for the future
  • Why his wife inspires him
  • Whose book inspired him to write
  • Why he wrote his last book about Ultra Running

Success Habit:

  • Routine over superstition.


Quote on Fire: