005: Tommy Watkins: A career of persistence, passion, and, um, bobble-butts

In this episode learn how persistence has paid off and how failing is just part of the sport he made his life. Tommy Watkins and I have a pretty laid back talk about his career, what made him cry, and who is inspiring him right now! Oh and did I mention he signed his own booty about 500 times. Enjoy!

In this show learn about:

  • How many years he spent in the minors before getting his call up to the Majors
  • His coaching style with the Minnesota Twins Minor League team
  • Who inspires him now
  • Why he has the most famous a$$ in the world
  • Who his locker was next to when he got called up
  • How to deal with failing 70% of the time

Quiz on Fire:

  • He played for the Twins so does he know anything about REAL twins?

Quote on Fire:

  • “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13
  • “Find greatness within.”

Book on Fire:

Connect with Tommy:

Twitter: @tommywatkins

Athlete on Fire resources inspired by Tommy Watkin’s interview:

Minnesota Twins– The organization he has been with his whole career.
Muhammad Ali Center – Mentioned as an inspiring place on the show.

Fitness on Fire

I interviewed Tommy before the Fitness on Fire concept was born. Don’t worry though, we will have baseball specific training in the future.