Say no and seek yes.

Yes or no?

Find people to say yes to you so you aren’t always having to say no to things that don’t line up with your goals.

Here are a couple examples of when to seek yes and when to say no.

Example 1: The Workout Partner

Chances are you have said yes to the guy at the gym who wants to really “get after it”.  He invites you to be a part of his training at 5 in the morning, he shows up for two weeks and then fades off into the abyss. He doesn’t know, but you have already been disciplined for years, you just thought it would be a nice change up. So you have wasted some time and sleep and never from him again.


Find someone you know is hungry, who is already disciplined. Someone who will push you as hard as you push yourself.  You need to find someone who will be there at 5am even if you cancel the night before.  They don’t need you, you don’t need them, but together, you will get much more done.

So, say no to the one seeking your energy and seek the one that will say yes and match your energy.Tweet This


Example 2: The “Idea Guy”

I have by no means made it in business or in life as far as I am concerned but the one thing I am pretty picky about is my time.  Over the years my B.S.-ometer is more sensitive to the “idea guy” than just about anything in the entrepreneurial world.  This person will “meet” you into submission.

  • “Let’s meet for beer, I have a great idea.”
  • “Can I pick your brain for this new business I am going to launch?”
  • “Can we grab a coffee for a few minutes, I wanna share this opportunity.”

That’s the word right there, opportunity. If anyone wants to share an opportunity without divulging first, run for your freakin life.  Or, as I will start doing soon, send a PayPal link with your hourly client rate and for the love of time don’t go until it is paid.


Find entrepreneurs that are hungry and start with a small project to prove you align.  It happens all the time. I do small projects to see if we get along, to see if the energy spent is reciprocal, and to see if we do good work together. There is no promise of riches, just the promise of another ally, friend, mentor, and potentially partner.  And the promise to do good work.

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” – Jonas SalkTweet This

It has taken years to finally say no to the shiny objects dangled in front of me for the bigger picture.  It’s starting to pay off. I hope this helps you say no and seek yes!


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