WW:06 Weekend Warriors: Scott on a trail running dynamic warm up, new audio equipment, pho and the upcoming Boston Marathon.

Scott talks about the week that was for Athlete On Fire. Inspiring guests coming up and what he did to start the weekend off. He shares a dynamic warm up that you should try before your next run. He trials his new Tascam DR-05 for remote and live shows. If you are interested in what it’s like to start a podcast from scratch in the health, fitness, and adventure category you might like these short format Weekend Warrior Shows!



  • A solid functional warm up for trail runners
  • Why Boston is inspiring now
  • New audio project
  • More on trail half marathon Fear The Deer
  • PHO anyone?
  • What’s new with AOF?
  • “This fella is training for the Colorado Trail thru hike with his owner, he poops a lot on the trail!”


    Fitness On Fire:Weekend Edition

    Dynamic Trail Warm Up:

    Mark off 30 yards and do each exercise down and back.

    Easy jog
    80% effort jog
    A skips
    Side slides
    Lunges up and backward lunges back
    80% jog

    Boom, you’re ready!


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