BU:04 Becoming Ultra: A nasty little thing called ITBS.

113: Mark Jones “You earn everything you...

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WW:47 Weekend Warriors: Event season, the all day athlete, and cancer.

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Join us for the Weekend Warrior as it’s starting to get crazy again in Colorado. Event season is back and getting back into it isn’t always easy. Some amazing new guests keep the wheels turn at Athlete On Fire and the Becoming Ultra Project is taking more and more time. The “all day athlete” concept is hopefully going to reach some of you who need some ideas to stay active throughout your busy lives. Enjoy the Athlete On Fire show!

Links from the show:

  • The Becoming Ultra project is following the journey of 2 runners trying to become an Ultra runner. Check out our fourth call where Michele and her athlete/student talk about ITBS treatment and prevention.
  • Be sure to check out Episode 112 with comedian and runner, Jeffrey Binney!



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