WW:46 Weekend Warriors: We are an experiment of one, for sure.

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And if you are going to run, run your own pace. Raise your kids your own way. Really, we don’t know the best way to do most things so the best combo of science, experience, and whatever the heck you want to do should work just fine. We give some example on today’s episode on how to do it your way. A former guest comes to town and the tour de Colorado is on. We finish the show with a great trail running set you may not have done before. Thanks for visiting the Athlete On Fire show!

Links from the show:

  • The Becoming Ultra project is following the journey of 2 runners trying to become an Ultra runner. Check out our third call where Ian and his athlete/student get to know each other and break down a few tenants of training! share their coaching philosophy.
  • Be sure to check out Episode 111 with Dan “Nitro” Clark!



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