WW:39 Weekend Warriors: A run across South Africa, picnic table workout, Richard Branson, and a couple iTunes reviews!

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This episode of the Weekend Warrior go back a couple months to update you on the success of a former guest and her friend as they ran 2350km across the the Freedom Trail in South Africa for a cause that is easy to support. Some takeaways from guests with some great success of their own and a quick, intense workout where all you need is a picnic table…That’s it! Enjoy the show.

Links from the show:

Richard Branson’s take on optimism.
Samantha Gash and her amazing journey for social change in Africa.
Mike Wardian was kind enough to chat about his trip to New Zealand amongst other things.
Ross Weir sent me a pair of these(below) to check out after he was featured on the 100th episode of the Athlete On Fire show!

Fitness On Fire:

Here is a little set to start your week off and all you need is a wee little picnic table:
Picnic Table Power
Do 20, 15, 10, and 5 reps of each of the following. A better explanation is on the show!
Push-ups on ground
Push-ups on bench(hands on bench, feet on ground)
Push-ups on table(hands on table, feet on ground)
Step ups
Lateral step ups
Box jumps to bench
Drop jumps from top(listen to description on the show!)
Bench Dips
That’s 400 reps, shoot for less than 25 minutes

Share it up, challenge a friend.


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