WW:39 Weekend Warriors: An impressive attempt from a WWII vet, a workout to start your week, and Athlete On Fire apparel talk.

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In this episode of the Weekend Warrior show we talked about last weeks guest’s and the one big takeway from each show including one from an inventor and a candid talk on a serious subject. Ernie Andrus is making strides running from San Diego to the Georgia coast. Yeah, it’s been done before, but not by a 90 year old. What amazing adventurers, photographers, hoop stars, and runner are on the show this week? Listen to find out. It’s the Weekend Warrior show with Athlete On Fire.

Links from the show:

Mike Hermanson is the Triathlete that speaks out about eating disorders.
Here is the show about inventor, Ross Weir.
Yes, we are doing a little video. Starting with this Cooldown episode with a couple ex guests.
The amazing Runner’s World story about Ernie Andrus who is trying to run across America. He is 90. And yes, I sent a request to interview him for the show! He is posting his daily runs here.

Fitness On Fire:

Here is a little set to start your week off:
15% incline at 4 mph(or the fastest you can maintain) for 20 min
50 burpees
50 push ups
50 sit ups
50 squats
Row 1000 then 10 pullups
Row 900 then 9 pullups
Row 800 then 8 pullups
Row 700 then 7 pullups
Row 600 then 6 pullups
Row 500 then 5 pullups
Row 400 then 4 pullups
Row 300 then 3 pullups
Row 200 then 2 pullups
Row 100 then 1 pullup

Share it up, challenge a friend.
Then: Go to work!


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