WW:28 Weekend Warriors: “Vampires, famous people, and New Orleans.

Join Scott as he catches you up on the happenings with his event company and behind the scenes of Athlete On Fire. What did Vampires have to do with his weekend? How is he involved in a great charity bringing sound to the less fortunate? Hear abouthis first sponsor of Athlete On Fire and why it is important to get to know the people behind the company you partner with. He also shares where you can win some copies of some interesting new running books. Enjoy this episode of Weekend Warriors with Athlete On Fire.


Links We Said We Would Share From The Show:

The Rebecca Rusch show– Our first sponsored show ever. Feedback appreciated.
The Running Revolution book giveaway– Dr. Romanov was kind enough to come on the show and give away a few books!
80/20 Running book giveaway– The always interesting and thought provoking Matt Fitzgerald is giving away a couple signed copies!


From NOLA!



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