WW:05 Weekend Warriors: Scott on colorado spring, brew runs, outdoor fitness, and more about the kidney transplant.

Scott talks about the week that was for Athlete On Fire. Inspiring guests and detailed news about his dad and uncle’s journey with the kidney transplant. He shares a 30 minute training session that anyone can do. Talks about upcoming guests and what they bring to the show as well as a couple new entrepreneurial things he is involved with. If you are interested in what it’s like to start a podcast from scratch in the health, fitness, and adventure category you might like these short format Weekend Warrior Shows!



  • A great 30 min workout for you today
  • Who are some amazing upcoming guests
  • Kidney transplant news
  • All about Spring
  • Future guests are revealed
  • What’s new with AOF?

    The north fork of the south branch of the Potomac River in West Virginia, almost heaven.

    Fitness On Fire:Weekend Edition

    30 min cardio with core.

    Start the timer.
    Walk/Jog/Run at 80% max effort
    At the top of every third minute do 15 sec of push ups and 15 sec of squats.
    Continue for 30 minutes.


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