WW:04 Weekend Warriors: Scott on kidney transplants, inspiring photographers, amazing friends in the running industry, and what epic adventure he is planning for August.

Scott talks about the week that was for Athlete On Fire. Inspiring photographers and peers that are doing amazing things in the running industry online. There is also the inspiring sister photographer and the cancer surviving dad who just got on the kidney transplant list! He has a nice fitness challenge for you tree lovers to try and talks about some upcoming guests! If you are interested in what it’s like to start a podcast from scratch in the health, fitness, and adventure category you might like these short format Weekend Warrior Shows!



  • What was the endurance event of the week?
  • Whose quote inspired him this week?
  • Kidney transplant news
  • Two photographer shout outs!
  • Future guests are revealed
  • What’s new with AOF?

    “Every runner is an experiment of one.” George Sheehan


    Fitness On Fire:Weekend Edition

    Tree Workout

    Find yourself a nice strong branch.

    To failure twice:
    Pull Ups
    Side to Side Pull Ups(listen to show to learn how)
    Hang from pull up position
    Hang from side to side pull up position
    15 climb ups!

    Have fun….I know I do.


    Resources mentioned during the show:

    Twitter: @athleteonfire
    Trista Francis the future guest.
    Shannon Gray Photography– Scott’s amazing sister!
    Sasha Juliard– photographer and designer of AOF.com
    Maroon Bells– trip he mentions
    Run To The Finish by Amanda Brooks- Awesome running blog.
    Runner Academy– Amazing running podcast.

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