WW:01 Weekend Warriors: Scott on C sections, inspiring old dudes, running in the dark , and the need for more women

Scott takes on why a c-section is the root of his inspiration right now, how an 82 year old guest has inspired him, why we need more women, and where Athlete On Fire is going in the near future. Weekend Warriors is for those of you looking for a good piece of audio for your warm up or to start the day with your coffee. Enjoy!



In this show hear:

  • What’s inspiring Scott right now?
  • The new features being added to athleteonfire.com
  • How we are using video to engage with the audience more
  • Where you should go for some amazing workout ideas
  • Which recent guest inspires to live long and healthy
  • Which female guest has been inspiring lately

    “Picture taken the weekend I launched AOF out at Red Rocks park in Las Vegas.”


    Resources mentioned during the show:

    Twitter: @athleteonfire
    Hal Higdon- Mentions how he is an amazing inspiration.
    Anna Frost– An amazing and inspiring athlete.
    Joe Decker/The Suck/Gut Check Fitness
    Lifes2Short Fitness– Lauren Jones fitness site!