Work Hard, Play Harder:02 The Ultra Skymarathon Madeira and a good friend packs up for adventurous foreign living.

Work Hard, Play Harder:

Stevie Kremer shares why she wants you to know the importance of working AND playing.

Stevie is back for the second episode of Work Hard, Play Harder and she has lots to share. She takes us to what she calls the hardest race she has ever done. She talks about the mindset and how it is hard to get ready for something you know is going to hurt so much. After Ultra Skymarathon Madeira she comes back to Crested Butte and hangs with a good friend and fellow teacher and talk about new adventure in a foreign land. It’s a fun and interesting look at the relationships and life of an elite runner who chooses a work/life balance!



  • Why it’s so hard to start a race you know will be difficult?


  • Why Ultramarathon Madeira was the toughest race she’s ever done.  


  • She sits down with an adventurous friend about to move to Panama City.

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