When in doubt move….more than your body.

We have all been there.  Doubt creeps in.  Should I be here?  Doing this?
Have I wasted the last 5 years, months, weeks, hours doing this thing?  There are so many others doing it so well already, why should I even try.
It could be for a sport, a business, or a relationship.  The thought that we have invested time that we will never get back is scary.  This singular thought has paralyzed us often.  And it’s funny.  The fear of losing time to a thing causes us to freeze up and inevitably lose more of that time.
This website and podcast has created that doubt more than once.  Actually, more than 20 times.  Daily sometimes.  The passion that this thing that was created from the heart doesn’t fade but the confidence that it will turn into my vision does. It happens with runners.  It happens with athletes from every sport.  The doubt at the free throw line.  The lost confidence in a hitter in a slump.
Businesses change and pivot and figure it out. So do athletes.
Every day I wake up I know of 5 things that could make Athlete On Fire better.  The resources and media, the angles I haven’t taken yet. Marketing in certain ways.  I’ve been handcuffed from the fear of NOT failure.  It’s the fear of success.  This post will address this fear from this point on in less words than you have already read.  The fear of failure isn’t the thing.  The fear of SUCCESS is rooted in the subconscious.
Really think.   The fear of success might look like some of these thoughts, buried deep.

The Fear Of:

  • Being different(or seeming different) than family and friends you’ve been connected to forever.
  • The attention you just aren’t comfortable with for doing something great.
  • The work that comes with success.  Once you have something successful, it needs your attention.
  • Knowing you’ll have to lead, you have to lead as you grow.
  • Getting comfortable with the work. If you haven’t made it, it’s probably because the work hasn’t been done yet.

Here is the fix.


Write an article.

Sharing your thoughts on how to make it helps yourself and hopefully, others.

Do that thing that scares the hell out of you.

Sign up for a race.

Produce some videos.  The things in your gut you’ve wanted to do every day that you KNOW will help. Do them.

And do the small things.

They build your confidence by building a base of skill and character. Then again, you can just do what you have always done, settle in and be ordinary.  You ALWAYS have a choice.


When not trying to get others to move, Scott is moving with his young family, ideally in the mountains.
When not trying to get others to move, Scott is moving with his young family, ideally in the mountains.

Scott founded Athlete On Fire and knows a thing or two about getting people to move. With over 12,000 training sessions under his belt with people from all walks you get to see the fear of success and failure. This piece was an observation as much as a self reflection everyone should go through occasionally.