The Warm Up: The week of February 9, 2015

Quick note on the Warm Up:

Since we have been producing so much content over here we wanted to be able to give you a good idea of the goings on before they happened. What shows are releasing? Who is being interviewed next? We are doing this so if you see someone you would like to learn more about, you can send us questions and we can bring them right to the show. Sometimes, we won’t know until last minute who is coming and sometimes the schedule changes during the week but you get the picture.


Weekend Warrior Episode 39 – In this episode of the Weekend Warrior show we talked about last weeks guest’s and the one big takeway from each show including one from an inventor and a candid talk on a serious subject. Ernie Andrus is making strides running from San Diego to the Georgia coast. Yeah, it’s been done before, but not by a 90 year old. What amazing adventurers, photographers, hoop stars, and runner are on the show this week? Listen to find out. It’s the Weekend Warrior show with Athlete On Fire.
Teddy Dupay– Teddy is the all time leading scorer in the state of Florida and is now working with youth in the Tampa area. He was a high school teammate of mine! Check out his site.


AOF:102 Teddy Dupay
See above for Monday’s interview.


Michael Wardian-That’s the plan anyway. We missed each other due to some lengthy travel on Michael’s end.
Brett Stewart Co-founder of and author of multiple training books. His bio is long and we are looking forward to learning more.


AOF:103 Chantae Mcmillan
Chantae is a driven, thoughtful Olympian training for Rio 2016 in the sport of Heptathlon. We talk training, visualization, and how to find a good coach amongst other things!
Ray Zahab-Amazing adventurer and endurance athlete who also founded Impossible2possible. Can’t wait to talk about his travels and feats.