The Warm Up: The week of January 26, 2015

Quick note on the Warm Up:

Since we have been producing so much content over here we wanted to be able to give you a good idea of the goings on before they happened. What shows are releasing? Who is being interviewed next? We are doing this so if you see someone you would like to learn more about, you can send us questions and we can bring them right to the show. Sometimes, we won’t know until last minute who is coming on but you get the picture.


Weekend Warrior Episode 37 – We talk about a few things we have learned from some of the best winter sports athletes out there and how we are applying them on the mountain. We actually recorded this from the side of a dam at Brighton Ski Resort near Salt Lake City.


AOF:098 Stevie Kremer
Stevie is an amazing trail runner and has a Skyrunning title to prove among the many accolades. I loved her candor and the fact that she still is a 2nd grade teacher. She even shares what 2nd graders have taught her to be a better runner.


David Clark– If you dont know David’s story it is one of survival really. I plan on asking some questions about his journey from addiction and morbid obesity and how he is living life to the fullest these days. Here is an excerpt from his site, The Superman Project:

My name is David Clark and I was at deaths door myself not too long ago. I was 320lbs, addicted to fast food, narcotics and alcohol. I had a heart condition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, two herniated discs in my back and I was a hair away from full on diabetes. I drew a line in the sand. I decided I was no longer going to accept death. I changed my life entirely by surrendering and committing to learning a whole new way to live. Today I am an accomplished endurance athlete, coach, speaker and author and it would be my privilege and humor to share with you my story if you are tired of living your life waiting to die.

Daren de Heras– Daren is coming on for an episode of the CoolDown. He is the founder and leader of Team Sisu and you can hear his first interview with us here. We have a lot to talk about since last time and it will more than likely all have to do with obstacle racing! We are going to try and record on Google Hangouts so keep your eyes open as it will be open to public if we do. 2pm/MST.


AOF:099 David Clark
See above. Can’t wait to share his amazing story with the world.


The Abominable Run
This is an event a buddy, my wife, and I are producing for the second year. It is an obstacle race in the high Rockies in the middle of winter. Such a good time. Check it out here.
What a week!