• An audio adventure following the true story of a sailing rally, Somali pirates, and the Quest tragedy.

    Voyage Into Hell

The Voyage Into Hell Audio Adventure

Hey this is Scott, I founded this Athlete On Fire thing.  This is a new kind of project and it’s been a  blast.

My wife goes on bike rides with a local friend.  He has been telling stories about this guest for years.  He finally wrote a book about an unforgettable adventure and now we are going to go through the book, every week, until the adventure is over.  If you like the idea of big, epic, pursuits mixed with pirates, shamans, and real tragedy, this may be interesting.   We hope you come back every week for more.

 Episode 1

Steve and I meeting each other.  He has an extensive background in adventure.  He ran the first 18 Leadville 100’s.  He has run with some ultra legends.  It’s a chat over coffee leading into the sailing story!

Episode 2

Steve shares with us all of the terminology associated with sailing.  If you don’t know what port, starboard, stern, or bow are you might want to listen so the rest of this series is easy sailing!  And, why did the book start with the end?

Episode 3

Every great adventure starts somewhere.  Sailing starts with money.  But where do you get it?  What costs are associated with sailing around the world? Steve shares these facts as well as some early adventures in the Caribbean. This is the “Voyage Into Hell” story about a rally around the world on a sailboat.

Episode 4

There is an adventure at every stop of of this sailing trip.  Some on land and some on sea.  This episode covers both.  There is trouble off the coast of Venezuela in the form of a big ship with suspicious activity and a run on Panama led to a spooky, undisclosed location.  So far, everything isn’t as it seems and we haven’t even gotten to the Pacific yet, until the end of this show. Enjoy this episode of Voyage Into Hell.

Episode 5

We sped the entire episode in the Galapagos Islands. From the wildlife to the sometimes sketchy people, we could have done an hour show on this inspired location.  You will learn something today!

Episode 6

Steve and Maria Siguaw continue their voyage around the world and end up in the pristine islands of French Polynesia.  Stories of cannibalism and the dynamics of the rally are in the forefront.  Things are still pretty tame but they are approaching Australia soon and soon after things get a little wild. Enjoy the show!

Episode 7

Steve and Maria have made it into the heart of Polynesia. Tragic news meets them at sea just after an omen of sorts.  Volcanic islands and cultural rituals infuse the already adventurous undertaking. Good thing noone was under that lava the size of a volkswagon. Enjoy this episode of the Voyage Into Hell, a sail around the world!

Episode 8

This week we make our way with Steve and Maria to the land down under!  Australia was both a chance to fix up the boat and relax a bit before the intense journey to Indonesia.  Extreme heat, natives in dangerous lands, and the amazing town of Darwin before they set off for Indonesia in this episode.  This series is taking us around the world and we are half way there!

Episode 9

After leaving Darwin, Australia, on their sailing trip around the world, Steve and Maria headed to Indonesia.  The first real threat of pirates was on this stretch. Before the pirates were even an issue they had to deal with small countries that wanted them to move on because their bribes were just not enough for their liking.  Bali turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for reasons we never would have guessed. Next up, Singapore.  Enjoy the Voyage Into Hell show as we chronicle a husband and wife’s journey around the world on a sailboat!

Episode 10

The sailboat Aspen and it’s crew had to navigate the 20+ mile Straight Of Malacca, known as one of the most dangerous pirate infested sections of water in the world.  Listen to find out how they navigated through as well as their impressions of Singapore. The Voyage Into Hell Show is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!