UltraDirt:04 Michelle Ford on PERIODization, humanism, humor, and longevity.

Today we talk to badass Michelle Ford, and once again, get comfortable with some uncomfortable topics. We chat about PERIODization in training, humanism, humour, and longevity in the ultra world.

Michelle Ford is a co-founder of Fraser Street Run Club and a personal trainer who believes in the power of one’s strength, inside and out.

Her first marathon was in in 2013 and has since finished three other marathons, four 50k and a handful of local trail races . When she is not working with clients or organizing communities runs with Fraser Street Run Club, she’s busy training for her next 100m, carrying 60lbs sand bags up mountains prepping for an upcoming obstacle race, or running wild in the forests of the north shore with her two dogs and husband, Jesse.

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