Three dots.


So many things have come in three’s in my life. My dad was given 3 months to live over 30 years ago. He is still here as he beat that pesky cancer when I was still running around in diapers. I played college baseball so 3 had meaning there of course. Usually it meant you were “out”. The “law of thirds” is a concept I have always loved. It says if any of three aspects of your life are out of whack or balance that it adversely affects the other two. It refers to your work, sleep, and personal life. It makes sense even though for the life of me I can’t remember where I first heard the idea. People can comprehend three. There is power in the simplicity of it. We chose three here at Athlete On Fire as well.
Three Months -You can grasp this. You know what you were doing three months ago and can comprehend what is in three months ahead. You know it is too short, so you fight, and you win.
Three Strikes -Every baseball player ever knows the finality of losing this battle. Your mindset changes with every strike. There is always hope until that last strike. It is a humbling sport but a great lesson in life.
The importance of doing what you love. The importance of sleep. The importance of healthy interpersonal relationships. This is a novel waiting to be written, or more likely re-written. In any case when our lives are broken down into three general rules. We can take action to ensure balance.
What does all this talk of three have to do with Athlete On Fire ?
This podcast, website, and resource is something that I want to mean something. I looked at the great brands. Brands that you know whether you like them or not. Under Armour, Nike, Coke, etc. What do I think when I see a Nike swoosh? I might think Michael Jordan but more than likely I just think shoes. Dri fit performance gear from Under Armour and we can do this drill for every brand.
I wanted a symbol that meant the same to everyone but very personal to every person at the same time. I wanted it to be simple. Three dots. Flicker, Flame, and Fire . So what do they mean? Well, that is up to you but this is what I think they could mean.
YELLOW or “flicker”- It is the planting of a seed. The initial thought that you could do something but not knowing how or what that something is. It could be seeing a friend finish a marathon and the fleeting thought to yourself that maybe you could do that. Or it could be the decision to start something new. Most athletes go through this whether they are a 9 year old who just knows that basketball is a passion. They start putting in effort to get better on their own, they are hooked. What is this Flicker for you? When you see that first yellow dot what does it mean to you? Athlete On Fire had a “flicker” moment. It was when I was driving across the country putting on events that took me away from my family, all while bringing other families together to run but it still was not worth it. I listened to podcasts on the long drives all summer long. I knew I had stories of clients and friends that overcame amazing things. I was passionate about sport, competition, training, and the passion people put into these things. I had an expertise in exercise science. I could share these stories. That is the yellow dot for me. A marination of a thought that would become much, much more. It would turn into a FLAME.

ORANGE or “flame”- It is the action. The seed sprouts. You look up marathon training. You hire a coach. You research the how. Your why has been defined and with that your “flame” has been lit. This is when miles are logged and form gets better. It’s an exciting time because you decided to act. Athlete On Fire had a ‘flame” too. It was the decision to dive in and try to make this a reality. It included hours upon hours of research and reaching out to potential guests. I bought the domain. I started the design and found a great web guy to help. I started to do interviews. There were, and still are, plenty of mistake made but it didn’t matter. What defines your “flame”? It is the “work” of the three dots. It is the bridge that makes it all worth it.
RED or “fire”- It is the reality. It is is the success. The seedling becomes a tree. Rooted in the ground from the toil it has decided it isn’t going anywhere. You are a marathoner. You are a skilled athlete and have proved as much on the field, court, or trail. It has defined a part of you. Most of the elite athletes on Athlete On Fire have this journey to tell of the three dots because they are so in tune to what they do and it HAS defined them. Usually for the good. You probably have this narrative as well. What is your “fire”? Athlete On Fire is bridging the gap between flame and fire and with a little more knowledge, feedback, and work I have no doubt we will get there. We want to be THE resource for aspiring athletes and the hub of inspiration for the masses.
Now, take a second. Look at the three dots. What do they mean to you? Can you tell the story in your subconscious in a millisecond? Do you “get” it?
I have a feeling you do. I hope others will find strength in this symbol.
I would love some feedback on this post as well as the concept of three dots. I want to hear what your three dots mean to you. Send me a message to If I hear from you it will only stoke the FIRE I am building.
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Scott Jones