The Warm Up: The week of March 2, 2015

Quick note on the Warm Up:

Since we have been producing so much content over here we wanted to be able to give you a good idea of the goings on before they happened. What shows are releasing? Who is being interviewed next? We are doing this so if you see someone you would like to learn more about, you can send us questions and we can bring them right to the show. Sometimes, we won’t know until last minute who is coming and sometimes the schedule changes during the week but you get the picture.


Weekend Warrior Episode 42 – This episode of the Weekend Warrior show will have a strong focus on the Becoming Ultra project as we are just kicking it off.  Ian Sharman and Michele Yates sit down with us as we go over potential subjects for the project.  We have a good workout if you need to be inside for one that is good for muscular endurance, proprioception, and general strength. And, as always, a preview of upcoming shows!


AOF:108 Rob Barger
Rob is an obstacle racing machine and believe it or not, we didn’t talk too much about his own success.  We do however talk about the perfect burpee, sailing in his youth, and some ridiculous workouts.  We are planning on having Rob back soon for more great resources.  He works at Spartan Race hq so he has some interesting stories in general regarding the obstacle racing world.


AOF:109 Joe Scott
Joe is playing professional basketball in Germany.  His journey included an unlikely friendship with an NBA player that actually got him a tryout for the Denver Nuggets a couple years ago. The story is one of the highlights of the episode. Joe dishes on work ethic and the quote he heard on a commercial year ago that still inspire today.

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