Athlete On Fire Is Launching!?

Although Athlete On Fire has been publishing audio, written, and video content for over 2 years, this is an official launch.  Click here to become a member.


Basically, we have decided it can’t just disappear.  On the other hand, it can’t exist too much longer without help.


The Vision:

To bridge the gap between amazing athletes, adventurers, entrepreneurs and the rest of the world.

The Mission:

To continue to create interesting, entertaining, educational, and empowering content and resources in the world of audio (podcasts), written (this site), video projects, productions, and training for athletes. Here is an Athlete On Fire Portfolio if you will.

So here WE go, together.

Become A Member(click)

  Benefits Explained: A description of above listed benefits.

Private Facebook Group Member:

Private forum to discuss projects AOF is going to begin.  Votes on funded campaigns and scholarships. Training advice. Building a supportive community to bridge the gap between these amazing athletes and the rest of us!

AOF Monthly Team Call:

We will do a monthly call via Google Hangouts to talk about the upcoming month and feedback on the previous month.  We will be sharing specific numbers like downloads for the podcasts, hits on the website, new memberships.  It’s as transparent as anything we could possibly do and we want you to be a part of it all.

Votes On AOF Funded Projects:

We will be giving votes to members based on the level of the membership.  We plan on having our first campaign in January of 2016.  We want to sponsor an athlete out there that is inspiring us all but doesn’t have the support they need.  We will need to vote on which athlete get’s the nod.  Yes, an athlete sponsored by the people that believe in them instead of a product.  Man we hope this works because it could change the sponsorship game.

Sidenote: I know runners who couldn’t afford the shoes of the company they are sponsored by and yet the same companies don’t do cash sponsorships.  I want to change this.

Fire Inspired:

Just about every athlete we have interviewed has shared a positive or inspiring quote during their interview.  We put together an ebook with 20 of our favorite that you can read when you need a lift or print out and post around to keep yourself, and others, motivated.

SOMbands Launch Promo:

SOMbands is excited to announce a partnership for the official launch of Athlete On Fire. The first 50 members (Level: Flame Member and above) will receive a SOMbands T-shirt and wrist band. Over $35 value!  Learn more about this HERE.

Access to member reviews of active products:

We will be working with active brands that would love to hear what you have to say about their products. From shoes to nutrition, gear to information, we are going to enlist our members to help be a voice with brands big and small.  We are working on giveaways and discounts with these same brands to members only.

Your Eyes Only Content:

We will be putting together content in the form of audio and video that won’t be accesible to anyone else but you.  A 5 minute extra with Dean Karnazes or Amelia Boone.  A video on how we decided to add a new Network member.  Training tips for first time marathoners.  These are the types of things we want to deliver to you for your support!

And that’s what the launch party entails! We fully expect to be able to add things as we grow and will update this list as that happens.


Other Options To Support


Would you like to help but nothing above works for you?  Shoot me a message at


Are you a brand or small company that would like to work with us to make our members experience better.  We will be offering brand partnerships soon.  Shoot us an email and tell us a little about how our values line up.

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