The Ultimate Triathlon: 2000 km in 12 days.

Luke wasn’t playing around when he decided to train for and complete the audacious goal of a 2000 km triathlon that start exactly how your last triathlon started, with a swim across the Straight of Gibraltar.  Yeah, the one that is the gateway to the Mediterranean. His story is like any adventure. Full of mishaps, physical struggle and shutdown, injury, and rolling with the punches.

Some of the more interesting points of the show were:

  • having to swim the Straight the opposite direction as planned
  • total body shut down and the mind’s ability to push through
  • how he finished the last 200 miles or so
  • why limits should be tested

You can listen to the show here:

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Luke was having fun, or at least his hat was, on this stretch of the Ultimate Triathlon.IMG_5182

Choke it down and keep it down.  We are certain this salad didn’t cut it for his full needs but it sure looks good.  Kind of an, if zombies were vegetarians, look.


Sometimes the body quits when your mind isn’t ready to.


These views had to make it all worth the pain.



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