The Active Entrepreneur:

What is an Active Entrepreneur?

Someone who pursues an entrepreneurial endeavor in a field that inspires, teaches, motivates, or trains people to move, or, an entrepreneur that lives an active and adventurous lifestyle while maintaining an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Why all this talk about entrepreneurs on a site about Athletes?

When we first started Athlete On Fire as an entrepreneurial endeavor we had no idea that so many of our guests for the podcasts would be athletes AND entrepreneurs.

We have started partnerships, mentorships, and friendships based on this fact.  We have consulted each other and learned from each other.  We figured that you may want to benefit from these relationships and teachings.

What can you expect?

Raw. Real.  It’s tough being yourself in this life sometimes when your livelihood doesn’t depend on it and it can be especially tough being yourself in business and online.  When it could be so easy to paint a picture of success before it is realized we want to share what we are learning on this crazy journey as it happens as honestly as we can.  We hope you can learn from our wins and our losses no matter how big or small.


Some types of things we are going to share:

The entrepreneur takes the leap.
Sometimes you just have to go for it! The fear is the perception, not the reality. (would you risk your life for a picture? I wouldn’t)