AOF:191 Defining health, bleeding veggie burgers, branding, and healthy plant based food of course.

Matt Frazier founded No Meat Athlete as a blog to follow his own journey and since has grown it into a loyal and respected brand! He previews his newest project, a cookbook with all plant based menu items.

  • We talk about the potential controversy with plant based products that are meant to feel and taste like real meat and in some instances even bleed.
  • We talk a bit about the Keto diet fad
  • Branding his business
  • We even dive into a couple recipes you can whip up anytime!

More Amazing Athletes

AOF:218 From Mobility WOD HQ, functional training for adaptive athletes.

Max Conserva is back on the show to share a new training protocol he helped develop for coaches and trainers to work better with adaptive athletes.  Before reading anymore be sure to check out the program here. So many trainers simply pass off the opportunity to work with athletes with prosthetics or other obstacles when […]

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AOF:217 Former Olympian finding better ways to deal with injuries with technology.

Ian Warner is a serial entrepreneur, former collegiate and Olympic athlete, and now, a father and husband.  We talk about the idea he has had for year that he finally made happen and the friend he lost that inspires him everyday to keep going.   We talk about failures along the way that give us […]

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62 Miles: Grateful Suffering

I get these ideas.  You do too, I’m sure, but when it sits there banging around in my head the only thing I can do is go for it.  Yeah, it probably drives my wife crazy occasionally but she is kind of the same way so it usually works.  So, when I told her I […]

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Moving into the great unknown of 2018, one thing is certain.

I started Athlete On Fire fours year ago.  Holy crap, that seems amazing.  Often, I had no idea what I was doing. Other times, no idea why I was doing.  The effort for creating media and content to try and help strangers from who knows where is a real thing.  It’s redundant.  Reach out, record, […]

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SISU:RADIO:18 Alec Blenis – Powered by determination, fueled by plants.

Hailing from Roswell, Georgia comes SISU Pro Team member Alec Blenis.

A veteran of not just Spartan Races, but a long, impressive line of ultra marathons and endurance events, Alec knows exactly what it means to push his body to extreme lengths.

Cookie from Team SISU talks to the athlete about his training, his races and his diet and how they all mesh to make him what he is.

Check out some of Alec’s links here:

The Tusk Run

Complete Human Performance