SISU:RADIO:11 From special forces to OCR.

Originally from Nuremberg, Germany, Fabian left home when he was 17 to join the German Army Special Forces as a Supporter in their Operations Center and Training & Testing Center for about two years. A decade later he moved to California and now lives in San Jose, where he work as IT Security Analyst.

Among other events, he’s completed more than a dozen Goruck events, two of them 24hr Heavies, and two Spartan HH12HR events. Coming from a strong endurance base, he switched to speed in 2015 and managed to work his way up through the ranks in Spartan Race and finished the last race in the Top 10 of the Elites.

He shares his experiences and perspectives on Flow Not Force and compete on NBC’s “Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge”, which will air within the next few months.

One of the more quiet, and horribly underrated endurance athletes in the scene today, SISU catches up with Fabian to talk about how he trains, his plans and accents that aren’t American.


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