The rutbuster: 5 ways to get out of a rut in work, life, and fitness.

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you just can’t get all you need or think you need to get done. This leads to more stress and less action. It’s a vicious cycle and it has been studied and documented at length. What I want to do is to give you some things I do to get out of that cycle. Since it is different for everyone, I hope one of these helps you turn things around when you are in the rut of all ruts.

1. Face It

Stop everything you are doing. Do the full task from start to finish with no questions asked. No excuses or justifications. The problem is you and until you build the confidence that things can get done when you say they will, you probably won’t reach your lofty goals.
NOTE: #1 was meant entirely for myself so if you can relate, great.



2. Tell The World

Accountability needs to be held by someone you respect and respects you. Go find a leader, a third party that can and will be objective and TOUGH on you. Sometimes you can ask people closest to you, but that doesn’t always work out, does it?


Finding a good third party to hold you accountable can be a powerful thing. Here are a few ideas for finding that person:

      • A leader from work. Asking someone to hold you accountable in something other than work can build the relationship without any pressure, and you will want to impress.
      • Industry leader: Social media and the internet gives us access to people we would never have access to. The worst they can say is no.
      • Your social groups, online and off. Putting your goals out to a group is intimidating but can keep you on the ball because the support will be coming from all angles
      • Someone from the gym, church, run club: Find someone you know but not well enough that a history will get in the way.

Now that you have told someone what you intend to do, go do it. Remember, there has to be a deadline of when this task needs to get done and sooner is better.


3. Forget About It(for a short period of time)

A watched pot doesn’t boil and thinking about something 24/7 sure as heck will not get it done. Set a few days aside to totally abandon the task with the promise that you will dive head first when time is up. Weekends are good for this so get out and do something adventurous, or new, or freakin’ hard and you’ll have no time to think about it. When you come back to it you will have a new focus. Living in Colorado this is always my go to option. I’ll even abandon it for an afternoon to go hit the trail hard and come back clear headed and ready to work.


There are so many ways to get away to clear your head, here are a few:

        • Go for a run or a hike, a hard one
        • Go to the gym and get after it
        • Play a competitive game at lunch
        • Go to a movie and plan on attacking the task right after
        • Meditate, yoga, pilates.
        • Take a power nap


4. Ask For…(GULP) Help

It’s seems wrong and weak to ask for help when you need it but sometimes you just need someone to span class=”text-highlight”>jumpstart you. If you are doing great things most people close to you want to see you do well whether it is asking someone to pace you for 15 miles on their bike while you run or to proofread your next blog post. The greatest athletes and people in the world have had help along the way so realize that asking for help is a STRENGTH, not a weakness. Conversely, offering help is a powerful act in itself and doing it from a positive place from the furthest reaches of pity will change your, and their life!



5.Walk Away

I have left businesses I have started for the right reasons (they weren’t profitable or took me away from my family) and I have never regretted it in the long run. Sometimes the things that stress us out the most aren’t as important as the energy we give them. Maybe this task or project needs to be let go. There arerules with this option though. A. No regrets B. Full commitment to moving on. Not one body or mind can move forward living in the past.

So that’s it, 5 ways to get out of a rut. Of course there are tons more but if you start here I can guarantee you’ll be moving forward in no time. Shoot us some of your favorite rut busting tips and get out and be the athlete that you are. Remember. I am, you are, everyone is an athlete!
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