5 Responses to Podcasts

  1. […] Athlete on Fire –  I’m not interested in all the athletes, but most of them. The host is pretty good, the format is consistent (can be a bit formulaic), and they’re ambitious, putting out multiple podcasts a week. Scott Jones, the host, is enthusiastic and interested in his guests. They’ve had big names Hal Higdon and Dean Karnazes (I’m a fan) on already. A recent good ep was with Rebecca Rusch – got me to buy her book and I loved it, I’m now a fan of hers (had heard of her through Fat Cyclist, who may be starting a podcast). […]

  2. […] yes, people are still going on amazing adventures.  We share their stories on podcasts like the Athlete On Fire show and Instagram feeds are inundated with tons of adventurers sharing their views and their […]

  3. […] I should say, Scott’s other podcast Athlete on Fire is worth a listen.  Great info and interviews with some big names, but like BU, it’s always […]