One Year No Beer

When the culture you are living is straight out of Wolf On Wall Street.


When you have a few pints at lunch almost every day and the white lies add up coming home after work.


When your mind and body aren’t functioning like they used to as a professional footballer(soccer).


Maybe it’s time for a personal change and a cultural one.  That’s what our guest has set out to do.  This is the story of making quitting something an advantage instead of a drag.  It’s about being strong for yourself and your family.  And it’s all pretty positive.  No judgements.  Just a challenge for individuals.  You should check this out if you have ever said, ” I’m never drinking again.”



Do the 90 Challenge with us!

Be sure to listen but even if you didn’t, we are going to do a 90 day OYNB challenge starting on August 1.


If you listen to Athlete On Fire, you are an athlete.  You know how we know?  Everyone is an athlete.  Elite athletes, from Olympians to NBA players abstain for performance reasons and you should too.  At least try for once to see the change in yourself.


 Need a challenge?  Our host, Scott, will be doing it right along side you. We’ll be hanging out with 2000 other motivated challenge takers in the OYNB FB Group.  Just look for #AOF in the group and we can do this together! We will also be sharing #AOFnobeer throughout the challenge on all of our social accounts!


Just create a profile by joining on the site.  One Year No Beer (see Pic below)  Let us know if you have any questions.  It’s going to be a fun ride.  One excuse that isn’t and excuse, scroll down.


Non- excuse:

  • I have that wedding/event- There will always be an event.  This is your chance to be stronger than the event.  Hell, I put on and organize this event.  I ALWAYS have a beer after.  Not for 90 days

Okay, let’s do this.  If you are listening to AOF more often these days and wanna keep it around, check out our gear.

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