Once Is Enough:04 The dumb running mistakes we make, time management, and critters!

Jeffrey just got done with back to back marathons on a big weekend of training and he is exhausted. He breaks down how to prioritize your running training with some good observations from a new runner. He also brings along a fellow comedian on one of his runs which makes for some interesting and entertaining conversation! Enjoy.  Enjoy this fourth episode of this series on the Athlete On Fire Network!

On the show, hear about:

  • Overtraining
  • Training update
  • Time management rules
  • Critters on runs
  • Dumb running mistakes we have made

Check out this video Jeffrey did for the show.

You have to check out his project site!



And his friend who made an appearance:

Shanna Shrum  https://twitter.com/sspahty

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