Once Is Enough:03 8 weeks from Leadville.

Ok, so this back injury thing can cause a lot of whining.  And, if you have ever had an injury like this, you would know why.  Let’s hear Jeffrey’s take on the whole deal.  He brings on another buddy in the entertainment industry and they have a great time with tons of energy.  Also, some other takes on running than just training.  Enjoy this third episode of this series on the Athlete On Fire Network!

On the show, hear about:

  • Back injury cry baby
  • Psychological effects of athletic injury
  • Writer/Comedian/Solo Artist Shanna Shrum
  • Running as sightseeing
  • Learning running lessons the hard way
  • Crazy brain stuff happens when you’re injured

Check out this video Jeffrey did for the show.

He is great on camera, and freakin funny too.

You have to check out his project site!



And his friend who made an appearance:

Shanna Shrum  https://twitter.com/sspahty

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