About Scott Jones: 
Scott Jones, M.S. With over 14 years as an exercise physiologist, coach, trainer, and entrepreneur, he and his wife, Lauren Jones,  are the organizers of the camp. He also founded the Becoming Ultra project. 

When he isn’t deferring his expertise to the smart people around him, he is coaching up any and everyone from potential NFL athletes to future Olympians, Ironmen, and ultra runners!

Scott has participated in numerous OCR events and most recently placed 38th overall in the 2016 Spartan Super at Fort Carson(Lauren made him put this in here;). 

About Sara Woodward:
Sara Woodward is a full time mom and part-time trail runner and obstacle course racer. Sara is a 3 time Spartan World Championship Coin Holder and 2 time Spartan Race Top 10 World
Championships Finisher.
Highlights from her 2017 race season include:
3rd Tough Mudder Western Regionals Championship
8th Spartan Race World Championship
1st Spartan Race Breckenridge Sprint
1st Spartan Race Breckenridge Beast
1st Leadville Heavy Half Marathon
Sara takes pride in her running accomplishments but over running she enjoys the thrills if being a pillar of support for her family. Before training, before racing. . . family is number one.
Tony Middleton:
Coach Tony is the owner and head coach for Unlimited Potential Fitness, an organization that he created to help people unlock their unlimited potential through fitness coaching, personal training and obstacle course racing. He started training in Parkour in 2008 and started obstacle course racing in 2011. His passion, skill and knowledge of the sport inspired him to earn his Spartan SGX and Spartan Obstacle Specialist coaching certifications and he began training others in 2014.  Tony is also a team captain and Facebook editor for Colorado Obstacle Racers, the largest obstacle racing club in the state, which has over 2000 members.


2013 OCRgear.com Brand Ambassador
2014 Men’s Health Urbanathalon Training Ambassador
2015 Spartan Training Featured Coach
2016 Spartan SGX Certification with Distinction
Tony has participated in hundreds of OCR events with many top age group finishes. 


Lauren Jones: 
Lauren Jones is a part time stay at home mom and full time entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry.  She has her degree in exercise science, is a competitive trail runner, obstacle course racer, event organizer and seasoned stroller runner.  
She is founder of Life’s 2 Short Fitness where she organizes trail running courses and outdoor adventures for Colorado women.
Some of her race accomplishments:
– 2nd for women and 48th overall out of 1900 participants in 2015 Breckenridge Spartan sprint 
– 14th female in the Fort Carson Spartan Super elite division 
– 4th place female in the Hop Skip and Jump 5k while pushing her kids in double jogging stroller (over 100lbs)!
– 10th place female in the Frisco SUP (stand-up paddle board) triathlon
– 4th place female in the Zion trail 1/2 marathon