I had the honor to interview the amazing Trevor Thomas. I have interviewed so many inspiring athletes and I always leave feeling energized and ready to do something big. This was no different. He challenged myself and my listeners to go and try to hike a 1/4 mile blindfolded. I am doing it this week and posting with the #myblindhike. It’s interesting. It will give me perspective. It might give Trevor’s blind ambassador program some exposure. This is such a simple challenge to gain some unique perspective. Take it in. Oh, and you might win something. Hope you join us!

Here is the challenge:

1. Blindfold yourself
2. Hike a 1/4 mile trail without help
3. Have someone video the experience
4. Share it with us by tagging #myblindhike or sending to scott@athleteonfire.com !
You can see the challenge here too!

That’s it. Be careful out there and try to use the other senses we don’t take advantage of! And remember. I am. You are. Everyone is an athlete!
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