SISU:RADIO:34 Mark Jones >> Built To Last

Mark Jones is up there as a living legend of endurance. More Death Races and other events than you could shake a peanut-butter covered stick at, he knows what it means to endure. A well-known figure in the endurance community, his roots in the military give him a solid foundation in his outdoor pursuits.

Generously taking the time to talk to Cookie from Team Sisu, he explains his mindset going into events where there is no actual finish line and you don’t know your done until you’re told. Whether the mileage is on foot, by board or kayak, Mark has huge experience in all forms of endurance events and repeatedly dominates.

What does it take to repeatedly push and push when most people have decided that it’s enough?¬†Mark is better suited to answer those questions than most people in the US today.


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