SISU:RADIO:24 Maria Hernandez – Explosives can come in small packages.

Quietly destroying events without fanfare or a flurry of unnecessary hashtags, Maria Hernandez’s meteoric rise from couch to SISU Ironwoman in only three years is story befitting of the SISU motto.

Dipping her toe in the OCR world as late as only three years ago, she leaves behind her a trail of conquered events, but always thirsty for more. Starting out with a Spartan Sprint, she has set her sights higher and higher and now brushes off endurance events like they barely even register.

Cookie of Team SISU caught up with Maria recently and spoke to her about her time in OCR and Endurance to find out what it is that makes her tick, why she does it and what advice she can give to those that are looking at immersing themselves in the world of obstacle racing and endurance events.

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