LOF:004 Christopher Acord passion, work ethic, and respect; the legacy he hopes to leave.


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Christopher Acord




Boones Mill, VA

What is the best thing about your hometown?

Nestled cozily in the Blue Ridge mountains there is no lack of rivers, trees, mountains, and rocks to train with and make everyday an adventure.

Athletic history:

Growing up I played baseball, football, track, cross country, and my forte was wrestling.


Current athletic passion:

Honestly it is to be able to become a more lethal Obstacle Course Racer, while incorporating my love of training and the sport into daily activities with my kids and to eventually transition into completing the more complex and difficult endurance races in earth. It’s about, setting examples, testing boundaries and living beyond limits.


Who or what in the world is inspiring you right now?

The love and admiration of my four kids and the overwhelming support and encouragement of my new found family in the racing community.


Is your legacy important to you? Why?

It is to a degree. I want my legacy to be evident in my children who hopefully will emulate passion, hard work ethic, and respect in all the hope to accomplish.

Why do you consider yourself an athlete on fire?

There is always a more difficult challenge, another stepping stone to something greater, a more alluring event that to even attempt is life changing. My thirst does not quench…


What would you say to someone who hasn’t found their passion in sport or life yet?



Where are you on your athletic journey? Flicker, Flame, or Fire?


NOTE FOR CHRISTOPHER:Thank you so much for sharing part of your story with the Athlete On Fire community. We will be rooting for you in all of your upcoming events. You are definitely an inspiring Athlete On Fire!


“Everyone is an athlete if they would just apply themselves!”