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Who Is This Girl?

Hey team, I’m Kalli! You might describe me as an AOF intern — Most of what I do here is behind the scenes secret stuff, but I also write the occasional blog post, make short videos, and send out Spark Plugs every week (if you don’t know what a Spark Plug is, go ahead and sign up for our email list — you’ll soon find out!).


Here’s What You Should Know About Me:

  1. I have a special place in my heart for the outdoors, tiny birds, Swedish Berries, and bad horror films.
  2. I’m a Physiotherapist in training — AKA: I’m a student in the Masters of Physical Therapy program at the University of Alberta (and I’m so ridiculously excited about it!!).
  3. I’m what you’d call an everyday athlete. I have a particularly strong relationship with running — I love connecting with nature, taking care of my body and mind, working towards new goals/improvements, and sharing the joy of the sport with others!



So… What Am I Doing Here At AOF?

I’m not here because I have a ton of experience, a wealth of existing knowledge, or because I’m an elite athlete. I’m here because I’m passionate about learning and living an active lifestyle — I’m guessing you and I have that in common!

As Scott says, AOF is all about bridging the gap between the elite and everyday athlete. He’s done that through sharing stories, methods, facts, workouts, etc – essentially providing tools and tips to help us all learn from inspiring athletes.


As a student, I’m learning new things every day! That’s one of the reasons I’m here: to share my journey into the world of physio and exercise science with you, so together we can gain a better understanding of what makes us tick as athletes. Getting a better grasp on how our bodies function can help us all become better informed, and as a result, higher performing athletes.


Since I’m only just beginning my Masters, I won’t be posting quite as much content as I have in the past — but once I settle in, I’m hoping to up my game in that area!


Thanks for stopping by — see you around the site!