The first (and Last) athlete On fire income report.


And now, the first and last income report for the Athlete On Fire show:

Here it is. What you have all been waiting for.. The authentic and transparent income report. I am sharing this so that when you host a podcast you will know how well you can do too!
Now, in all seriousness, there is a trend out there, mostly for business and entrepreneurial blogs and podcasts about the importance of authenticity and transparence. Apparently, the best way to be either of those is to share what you make and spend on your endeavor. It’s very interesting and probably even useful to many of the followers of these brands, blogs, and podcasts. BUT, is it transparent? Is it authentic?

“Do you prefer leaders to be transparent or honest?”

Maybe we need to know what you wore to bed last night so we can channel the energy that you slept with, wake up energized, and have the pep to create things that make lots of money.
Did you argue with you wife today? Please be transparent and let us know why your voice seemed a little down today on your show. We need the whole picture.
This is an extreme take for sure. Watching some of the brands use the income report uniquely as a way to showcase their journey through the years is cool. Like this site here. We love to follow the journey. The only problem is what isn’t being said.
They aren’t saying that releasing big number monthly income is probably one of their best marketing strategies. I don’t expect any of these numbers to be fudged because I am trusting but why couldn’t a new brand fudge these numbers and use the success to build a following? Stranger things have happened. We should have access to the exact accounts just to be real transparent(that’s a joke) I guess we need to take these reports with a grain of salt. Knowing what your peer is doing shouldn’t stress you out because you aren’t doing as well and because you don’t share yours doesn’t mean you aren’t authentic. Don’t always buy the hype and for heavens sake, don’t hire someone online because you think their success will spill over to you. Only you can create your own success.
Lastly, do you think my grandfathers generation was less authentic because they scream from the hills what they made? No, they generally didn’t do it because they didn’t want to make their neighbors and coworkers and brothers they fought beside in conflict feel inferior. They wanted to do amazing things without making the things others did seem any less.
NOTE FROM SCOTT: These are my own observations and opinions based on throwing myself recklessly into the podcasting and blogging world. I’d also like to say that I don’t think money and income should be so taboo so if you would ever like to know specifics from my health and fitness business, my event and marketing business, or this site, shoot me a message and I’d love to talk.
So now, the first and last income report EVER. This post was created because we just had our one year anniversary of starting the concept of Athlete On Fire. The numbers are close and I always rounded down where there were discrepancies.


  • Web Design and Development: $1250
  • Web hosting/domain: $40
  • WordPress Template and Extensions: $75
  • Audio Hosting: $300
  • Blue Spark Mic:$200
  • Apogee Mic(when Blue Spark died): $200
  • Field Mic(squid) and Recorder(Tascam):$120
  • Total expense: $2185


    Let’s keep this simple. I averaged spending 20+ hours/week on Athlete On Fire. We’ll say 20 for the fact that this is just to give you an idea. Keep in mind I generally work with 20 client hours per week, produced 20 events(which is well over 20/week as well), have two young kids and a great wife to spend time with! The 20 hours for Athlete On Fire was spent recording, editing, posting and all of the writing and artwork that accompanies, marketing(minimal on social media), and networking to find the guests and coordinate time to do the interview. Don’t forget the blog posts which I love creating but take so much of my time. To date we have posted 128 podcast shows and 27 blog posts!
    For the sake of simple math 20X52 is 1040 hours. Now, because I am just having fun with this post, I am not going to quote my professional health and fitness rate. Let’s quote my time at a $40/hr rate. My Labor cost would be around 42k. At $20/hr, around 20k. This is not considering taxes and all that but you get the point. Most entrepreneurs understand that they will never make it “overnight”. More likely, you will just be getting paid your hourly rate at the end of a long long work week!

    This income reports sucks.

    Yeah, maybe for now. And unfortunately for you, you will never see a better one publicly. If you are genuinely interested in any of the things I am doing and want to talk money, let’s do it. Shoot me an email or hit me on social media, I’d love to talk every detail possible to help.
    Here is the thing, I love this business. This project, movement, endeavor, blah, blah, blah.. I really do. I meet inspiring and interesting people every day. We talk business and life before we record. I have created partnerships. I have referred business to others. It makes me feel good and I know there is a legacy for my lil guys to see I have left. The numbers above are not amazing, YET. I am making money after a year of thinking creatively how to do so. I am going to merge my offline health and fitness to the Athlete On Fire brand. It’s exciting.

    Final takeaway.

    I am competitive and I don’t know that I would spend a year working my butt off to create something if I didn’t like it. I don’t think I would do it for free unless I loved it. The only thing I do know is that life is about relationships and this thing I started with no ones permission have allowed me to form inspiring and motivational relationships. I hope you’ll go do something like this and realize that if your results aren’t what you expected, it shouldn’t be because of someone else’s expectations or perceived success! Now, back to athletes! Check out some of the great new shows on the site and thank you so much for reading this, should I be writing more? Be honest in the comments.
    In health and adventure,
    Scott Jones

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