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The Athlete On Fire Network is honored and excited to introduce The Human Perspective Podcast with adventure athlete Tarran Kent-Hume.  You can expect straight forward interviews, stories of extreme adventure, blunt opinions, and ideas on success in the 21st century.  Tarran lives in the UK and makes the globe his home for adventure.  After recently completing a paddle of the 6500km Amazon from source to sea, Athlete On Fire and Tarran decided a regular podcast was a must!


Below is an excerpt from his website and you can always find his show once a week on the Athlete On Fire Network!


Tarran grew up in Tasmania, Australia where he had the freedom of 10 acres to run around and immerse himself in the world around him. With a burning desire and determination to become a professional footballer he organized trails and booked a one-way ticket to London a few weeks after his 18th birthday.

After playing semi-professionally for 5 years he ventured over to Vancouver to become a Personal Trainer and then back to London with the lure of a financial Head Hunting job. After learning and engaging in this world Tarran began to understand that he was capable of so much more as well as learning what he didn’t want his life to be. Long hours and lack of creativity lead to boredom. He had to make a change and that’s what he did.

In 2013 he set out to change the direction of his life, and through some painful transitions and re-education he has come to his biggest and most epic of adventures, to kayak the river Amazonas.

“This is by far the craziest, scariest and most stressful of any adventure undertaken in my life, it’ll test my mental, physical and spiritual strength and I can’t wait to get started”


We hope you enjoy going on this life journey with Tarran as much as we do!


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