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AOF 2210: At Hunt Wallet, three friends got together to try to change the hunting industry for good!

On this episode two childhood friends and two college buddies who played football at Colorado State University share…


AOF:240 Mark Carles on living every day like it was his last.

Mark Carles is a runner, brother, son, and one of the bravest athletes we have had on the…

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AOF:232 Dan Staton of ElkShape on hunting for beginners, wolves, fitness and more.

Dan Staton comes to the show a few days before archery hunting season and shares his story as…


AOF:231 Richie Crowley rides across America for wellness!

Richie Crowley is a former professional hockey player who has gone all in on his entrepreneurial goals. On…

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AOF:230 Train To Hunt National Champ on defending his title, his training, and grieving loss.

Charlie Pappas is a regular, hard working guy who just happens to be a really good athlete. The…


AOF:229 Founding a nutrition company for adventurers, Alaska living, and high level rowing.

Heather Kelly is an adventurous entrepreneur who founded a company to give adventurers amazing options for food in…

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AOF:225 Kenton Clairmont of Train to Hunt.

Kenton Clairmont is the founder of an up and coming event that combines the skills to bow hunt…

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AOF:223 Lo Myrick on intentions, start up culture, and a swim-run event everyone should try.

We had a great conversation with Lo Myrick from what the start up culture taught her to why…

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Lauren has her Labrum repaired, and SUP as training for ultra running and more.

Lauren Jones of Life’s 2 Short Fitness just underwent Labrum surgery and she tells about the whole process…


AOF:221 Ryan Atkins gets ready for 700km on his fat bike in polar bear country.

If you know who Ryan Atkins is, it is probably because of his excellence in the OCR circuit.…

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