Get moving with #10ADAY .

One of the biggest obstacles to creating good habits when it comes to fitness is always going to be time. After interviewing the first 20 athletes for the Athlete on Fire podcast there is no question that the world’s best and most disciplined athletes have the same day to day issues as the rest of us. Sometime they simply don’t WANT to work out or train. This gives us all hope! Read more to find out who else is getting involved in the health and fitness world!


Think of all the TIME and MOTIVATION for a typical gym trip:

  • Get home and grab your workout clothes, get out the door-15 minutes
  • Drive to the gym- 10-20 minutes
  • Walk in, check in, locker room, water fill- 10 minutes
  • Decide what to do and do it- 60 minutes
  • Pack up, clean up, get out, drive home- 30 minutes


You have just spent 2 HOURS, and only half doing anything, and that’s assuming your workout is smart and efficient

“ So many people never even get started because of this overwhelming time commitment”




The #10ADAY movement is our way of giving you some actionable fitness you can do throughout your day. You can do a few 10 minutes sessions a day or you can simply use #10ADAY to get back into it.



Contributors to the #10ADAY movement

Couples Fit– A website and podcast to get couples to work together for their health and fitness goals.
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Train Anywhere Fitness– Exercise scientist and amazing videographer Brent Thacker brings perspective to fitness and working out anywhere, anytime.
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