Hustle and podcasting. Life as an athlete and active entrepreneur.

Dre Baldwin of  and Scott Jones, founder of Athlete On Fire, cohost a show all about their experiences.

Dre is a prolific social media icon and expert in all things media, marketing, empowerment, and basketball (how it all got started).

Today they speak about the hustle it takes to produce so much valuable content and specifically, their schedules.

Also, why is Dre launching his own podcast?  Come hang out on our newest weekly and only cohosted show on the Athlete On Fire network.

On The Show:

  • The three reasons Dre is launching a podcast
  • Where Dre spends his time on social media
  • Why finding and bouncing ideas off people in a similar situation is so important
  • Both Scott and Dre’s daily schedule (is 4am early for you?)

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