The Athlete Extinguisher- Avoid This Thing to Seriously Boost Your Health

The Athlete Extinguisher- Avoid This Thing to Seriously Boost Your Health

by: Ian Warner |


We live in a society that is hell bent on promoting activity, and eating less. You don’t have to go very far to find a new diet craze, or a new workout routine. You don’t have to go far to find people who think they are eating healthy yet they are not. We live in a time where obesity is normal. We live in a time where that guy you thought was healthy because he runs marathons all the time, was actually rotting from the inside and he passes away from a heart attack.  The reason this is happening is because of the athlete extinguisher.


What is The Athlete Extinguisher?


The extinguisher is processed sugar. It is sugar that is rotting us from the insides out. This is why we often see people who are obese and they start working out and they don’t lose a pound. They switch the foods they eat to low fat everything, and they eat more veggies here and there and see no change in their bodies. It is because they have not gotten rid of the sugar.


Foods like protein and fats come with a % of daily intake on labels, but sugar does not! The reason sugar does not is because it would make the label look horrible because something like the syrup we dump over our waffles actually contains over 100% of the sugar that we need in a day.


“It is not about what you do 10% of the time, it is about what you do 90% of the time”  – Tai Lopez


“The % on these food labels being hidden is NOT to your advantage. It is to the advantage of the food companies. It makes people feel better about eating sugar, hence making them more money. The food companies have one goal and that is to get you to buy more food, even if it kills you.


Why is Sugar a Killer?


Sugar converts to fat inside of us.  Sugar is basically empty calories that our bodies do not know what to do with. That is why FAT FREE is a lie.  You could take a bag of sugar and put a fat free label on it because sugar does not go inside of us as fat. Once it gets inside of though it switches to fat.


According to research studies done, our brains respond to sugar in the same way that a drug addict responds to getting some cocaine in their system. I have seen this first hand in my own life to be honest.


When I first tried to cut down on sugar my body went NUTS. I remember I went grocery shopping and only got meat, veggies and fruits for the week. I got home later that day and I knew there was no sugar in the house but I still rummaged through the fridge looking for my fix knowing nothing was there.  I felt like a drug addict!


What Do You Do About It!


  1. Buy better groceries and pay attention to labels
  2. Change your habits
  3. Encourage those around you


Shopping Better


By buying better groceries you don’t give yourself access to the athlete killer. If you buy ice cream and cookies then when you get home you will eat ice cream and cookies. The simplest advice I ever was given was to stay on the outside of the grocery store when shopping. Most groceries have the fresh and natural food on the outer isles. That is where the veggies, the dairy, the meat and the fruit all are.


The second that you start going down the isles, you run into the processed foods that have insane amounts of sugar on them the majority of the time. The more time you spend in the isles in the middle of the grocery store, the chances of buying sugar increase.


Habit Change


Here is the thing about habits, they are really strong but they also can be changed. Before we can change a habit thought we must understand that a habit cycle is taking place. Every habit starts with a cue or a trigger, then there is a routine and then lastly the reward.


Sugar Habit Cycle


  • Cue = Urge for something sweet
  • Routine = Eating something sweet
  • Reward = Feeling satisfied.


The cue probably will not change and the reward will not change so the key is to find a way to change the routine. Now that you are aware of the craving for sugar instead of smashing cookies, you switch your routine to eating a fresh fruit or doing some push ups, or doing something that takes your mind off of food. Everyone has to find his or her own path but the key is to be aware of a negative habit if you want to change it.


Your Support Team


Lastly you want to encourage those around you.


It is hard to stop doing crack if you hang around crack heads.

It’s hard to be successful if you hang around the unambitious.

It is hard to stop eating sugar if you hang around candy lovers.


It’s that simple.


If you help those around you eat better it will help you to do the same.


Sugar is not our friend when we eat the amounts that the average person does. Working out is important to being healthy but sugar is the real cause of obesity.  Free yourself from sugar and you can free yourself from an early death. What changes are you going to make in your life today? What are you willing to throw out? Who are you willing to bring on this journey with you?  Sugar will put you out if you don’t make a change!

Ian Warner is…

Ian graduated from Iowa State University with a business degree while on a track scholarship. He is an Olympian and author of “Endure: An Athlete’s Guide to Faith, Hope, and Success”. Ian instills his hard work and dedication into others and people realize the focus, determination and how hard he trains to become the best.He loves entrepreneurship, but most of all he loves helping other succeed weather it be as an athlete or in business. He is truly an Athlete On Fire!